March 22, 2023

Diplomatic correspondent for i24NEWS Mary McAuliffe said in an interview on Sunday that despite the irregular amount of general elections in Israel, voters still come out in high numbers to decide the country’s future.

Israel leads the world in frequency of elections, according to McAuliffe, leaving behind Greece, Spain and the Netherlands with its fifth vote in less than four years scheduled for November 1. Nevertheless, the voter turnout remains high.

“Complaining is one thing, but if you actually go to the polls, it doesn’t really matter so much in terms of voter fatigue, and here in Israel throughout this wave of elections we haven’t seen that much of an impact on people who actually go out to vote,” McAuliffe said.

“In April 2019, it was the first round of elections, the voter turnout set at about 68 percent and it’s about average for democratic countries,” she added, noting that in the next two rounds of elections the turnout increased to 71 percent hitting one of the all-time highs in the past decade.



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